2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment


Below is a list of useful links I have discovered over a period of time that contain relevant resources of a mixed nature. Note: Each link opens in a new window to retain this page.

The Wardrobe Museum:
This is the official home of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment Museum at Salisbury. Housing an in depth collection of pictures, artifacts, shop, and guest book provided for visitors to contribute their views regarding the site. The museum is run by volunteers.

Please assist them in remembering YOUR Veterans regiment by donating, showing your appreciation of their fine work and to keep this historic regiment alive.
Burma Star Memorial Fund:
The Burma Star Association - Now known as The Burma Star Memorial Fund is a charity dedicated to the legacy and commemoration of all those who served in the Allied forces during the Burma Campaign of the Second World War.

Through their scholarship programme we are creating a network of scholars from around the world who will tackle the global public health challenges of the future. We are supporting scholars studying in Global Health and Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology.
Movietone News:
Movietone contains newsreel archive footage from the Burma War plus recordings of the Royal Berkshire Regiment in action and on leave. You must join to view the clips. The clips are for sale but as you can imagine, costly but you may recognise someone?
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is an excellent website, one which has supported this websites Roll Of Honour unselfishly throughout. The CWGC website has a great deal to offer from cemetery plans, pictures and certificates also a great source of education, entitled Remember me.
Support Our Troops:
Armed Forces throughout the years have served their country well. Whether or not you agree with the war is irrelevant, for these brave men and women of your Armed Forces need to know you care.



cap badge

China Dragon Cap Badge

2nd Battalion
The Royal Berkshire Regiment
(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
1939 - 1959

Burma WWII

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